At Lakeview Staffing Solutions, we specialize in change. More specifically, we specialize in helping you find your next position. Perhaps you want better hours? A more rewarding opportunity? Or maybe you want to relocate? Whatever the reason – we can help.

Unlike typical recruiting firms, Lakeview Staffing Solutions works for you, to find the position you desire. Your services are in high demand, which puts you in control of your career.

Many professionals, most notably athletes and entertainers, are amongst those who utilize agents. As a busy professional, you deserve one too. Lakeview Staffing Solutions recruiters work for you. We explore opportunities, talk with the right hiring authorities, set up interviews, and negotiate salary and benefits so you don’t have to.

Lakeview Staffing Solutions is associated with over 500 affiliate offices nationwide, giving us access to hiring authorities and job openings that other recruiters don’t have. In addition to our network, our Recruiters use advanced recruiting technology to find “cream of the crop” jobs that are not advertised online.

What’s the best part?

Lakeview Staffing Solutions and our Recruiters protect your privacy throughout your job search. Our Recruiters conduct the job search on your behalf in complete confidence and anonymity, leaving you with no worries that your current employer will find out. Plus, once we have found a position that you are interested in accepting, we negotiate your salary and benefits for you – allowing you to walk away with much higher pay than if you were alone.

What does it cost you?

Nothing. There is never a fee or any obligation to you. Our Recruiters get paid by your future employer once you have accepted a new position. With no obligation or required fees, you have nothing to lose.

Want to see how Lakeview Staffing Solutions can help advance your career? Give us a call to find out what our Recruiters can do for you and your career goals and we would be happy discuss your search for your next position.

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