Dangers Abound During the Interview Process
Last time we began our discussion of common and not-so-common hiring mistakes. This discussion focused on missed opportunities that occurred at the onset of the recruiting process…where jobs are posted, the role of Human Resources versus the Hiring Manager and selection bias. This time we will refinement that can be made to the interview process.

First Impressions to New Employees
We have all been there, the roller coaster ride of emotions when beginning a new job. The nerves of interviewing have turned into the excitement of the offer. As you embark on your first day, all of those nerves and excitement come back all at once. It is not only the new hire that experiences this emotional roller coaster, managers are also along for the ride. Managers can easily step off the ride if a proper onboarding plan is in place.

Don’t Delay…Act Now!
Last time we continued our discussion of common hiring mistakes by exploring missed opportunities witnessed during the interview process. This time we take a look at the decision making and offering process. This point in the hiring process can prove to be a make or break time.

Opportunities in Hiring Begin at the Onset of the Recruiting Process
As competition for top talent increases, it is important to examine all aspects of one’s hiring process and eliminate potential, often simple, mistakes (while, of course, incorporating best practices). Over the next five articles, we will explore some common hiring mistakes made every day, in large and small companies, representing every industry.

Why Your Job Descriptions Could Be Costing You Access To Great Talent
When attracting talent, there are many pitfalls that can lead to losing some of the best candidates. By avoiding these mistakes, you will have greater success. Over the next three articles in this series, you will learn how to avoid making some of the most common mistakes we see in the market when companies try to attract talent.

Simple Steps You Can Implement Now On Your Website to Attract the Best Talent
Job searches have changed dramatically in the past 10-15 years. The process has evolved from printed classified ads to search engines to smartphone apps. During this evolution, your website has been and remains the one place that brings all three of these stages together.

Skilled Talent is in Short Supply-Speed is KEY!
Slow decision making due to waiting for the “perfect” candidate.  There is a common misconception that because of the high unemployment rates, there is a huge pool of candidates to choose from. This belief leads companies to believe that if they just wait a little longer, the perfect candidate will appear. While seeking the elusive perfect candidate, many, many WELL qualified candidates are overlooked or put on hold.

Bringing Out the Best in Your Talent
Recognizing talent in new and existing employees is an essential skill for managers at every level. This is not just the ability to read between the lines on a resume. It is the ability to recognize and draw out hidden skills and talents in your staff. To effectively learn this skill, one must retrain how they view their staff and potential candidates.

Relieve Anxieties with a Great Onboarding Plan
Last week we discussed some tips on creating a great onboarding program from day one. Making the first day more about learning the lay of the land than paperwork, avoiding “busy work” and assigning a mentor were the main thoughts. This week we continue the discussion with more ideas to help avoid new hire angst.