Lakeview Staffing Solutions is a Search Firm specializing in locating even the hardest to find candidates.

Why Partner with Lakeview Staffing Solutions?

If you are looking for Speed and Accuracy to fill your position, our numbers don’t lie:

  • Our fastest placement from job order to accepted offer was 1 Week! While that is not typical, our mission is to fill all openings within 40 days of accepting your search assignment.
  • Because we take the time to thoroughly understand your need, we are able to do an excellent job of matching qualifications:
    • 81% of candidates presented to our clients are granted first interviews
    • 68% of candidates presented to our clients are granted second interviews
  • Nearly 90% of candidates placed 5 years ago are still with our client companies

Getting started is easy! Just email us at info@lakeviewstaffing.com or call us at (920) 569-6493.

We don’t have to tell you there is a shortage of qualified people. You experience it everyday. The Lakeview Staffing Solutions, LLC is a professional search firm dedicated to finding the candidates who aren’t necessarily looking for a job~ the passive candidate.

We have aligned our firm with 1100+ recruiters in an exclusive nationwide network with some of the top technology available! This gives you access to candidates you would not find on your own. Since we work on a contingency basis, you only pay us for results. We will take the time to find out the details on your critical openings and get to work filling them STAT! We know we can’t fill every position. We will give you solid feedback on your search and if we can’t fill your position, we won’t just disappear, we will tell you why. Give us a call and see why we are different!

Your search will begin immediately thereafter.